On Wednesday, November 8, 2017, Women In Distress unveiled the Leo Goodwin Foundation Outreach Center at a special Season of Giving event at the Jim & Jan Moran Family Center campus of Women In Distress in Deerfield Beach. This dedication event honored the $250,000 gift the Foundation gave to Women In Distress in 2014. This contribution was made to complete a $5 million capital campaign that was launched in 2009 to expand domestic violence services and double the number of the emergency shelter beds.

The donation expanded the range and scope of services, including therapy services for women, children, and men, infant and early childhood therapy available in the Leo Goodwin Foundation Outreach Center. In addition, the generous donation enabled Women In Distress to expand services to five satellite centers throughout Broward County, bringing services closer to domestic violence survivors in need.

For many years the Leo Goodwin Foundation has been a strong supporter and have made significant contributions to Women In Distress. The Foundation is extremely proud to be involved with this special Outreach Program so that Women In Distress have the resources they so desperately need to continue to grow the number of people they touch and expand their services to those in need.

The Leo Goodwin Foundation Outreach Center is home to their 24-hour crisis hotline as well as legal services for survivors. These critical services, offered at no cost, are designed to meet all language needs, as well as the needs of those with any disability. Currently, Women In Distress group and individual therapy sessions are available in English, Spanish, Creole, Portuguese, and American Sign Language interpreters are available to those who need them.

“For many years, The Leo Goodwin Foundation has been a leader by example on the community front, a catalyst for change and a force for bringing other supporters to the table. We are proud to have the Leo Goodwin Foundation Outreach Center as a permanent part of Women In Distress Jim & Jan Moran Family Center campus,” said Women In Distress President and CEO Mary Riedel. “The Leo Goodwin Foundation Outreach Center is the hub for services, a place where survivors of domestic violence and their children come each day for help. Because of this generous legacy gift from the Leo Goodwin Foundation, families now and for generations to come are on the road to lives free of violence.”

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