Ann Storck Center’s Leo Goodwin Gizmo House

The mission of the Ann Storck Center is one that is closely aligned to that of the Leo Goodwin Foundation as well. Their ongoing efforts to enrich the lives of children and adults with severe and multiple developmental disabilities is also one of the main focuses of the Foundation’s as well. The center accomplishes their mission through comprehensive, innovative and prescriptive programs and services. It is the intent of these programs to promote each individual’s ability to interact with others and to achieve daily living skills so that all persons served may realize the potential for more independent living.

The Center’s Leo Goodwin Gizmo House Lab was made possible through a Capital Campaign grant from the Foundation. The Gizmo House provides ongoing daily learning experiences for adults who have graduated from special education programs and allows them to continue their education and specialized therapies so they may build independence and practice both their social and vocational skills. The Lab also allows participants to practice the necessary daily living skills.

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