Museum of Discovery and Science:
Gecko Exhibit

The Leo Goodwin Foundation was proud to bring Geckos: Tails to Toepads, to the Museum of Discovery and Science. As the largest and most advanced gecko exhibition in the country, this traveling exhibition introduced visitors to the remarkable diversity of these lizards in 16 lush naturalistic habitats with living examples from around the world.

The exhibition explored all aspects of geckos: biology, natural history, their role in human cultures (need we remind you that GEICO’s Gecko is recognized around the world), their importance to ecosystems, and the potential they hold for bio-technology. Visitors experienced gecko night vision, listened to gecko voices, learned unusual facts from gecko experts, tried to spot camouflaged geckos, and built a custom gecko for various environments. The exhibition also presented cutting edge science, from the race to catalog and classified gecko diversity to unraveling the mysteries of gecko adhesion.

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