The Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre:
From Page to Stage.

The “From Page to Stage” program was created by FLCT to address concerns about children’s reading and writing test scores in poorly performing schools throughout our community. This in-school program uses live theatre to bring the written words to life, helping students improve their academic performance while at the same time broadening their cultural horizons. The Leo Goodwin Foundation was instrumental in bringing this program to the students of Broward County. From Page to Stage not only helps the children learn how to read, but to also fully comprehend what they have read.

The program was designed to help fifth grade students from approximately 14 Broward County public schools. The fifth grade was chosen because of the developmental and transitional milestones facing children of this age as they head to middle school. From Page to Stage also addresses the special educational needs of students whose primary language is not English to help them improve reading, writing, comprehension and communication.

Project Details

ClientThe Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theater