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The Leo Goodwin Foundation – continuing a legacy of support for the Boys & Girls Clubs and the youth of Broward County during these troubling times.

The impact of COVID-19 on South Florida’s non-profits has been devastating. It has changed many of the ways they typically operate and generate the resources to effectively operate on a daily basis. With the inability to hold the many fundraising events that help maintain the programs that organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County provide to the community each year, they have had to turn again to key contributors such as the Leo Goodwin Foundation for support. 

To make things even more challenging – in the early stages of the pandemic, the BGCBC were forced to close their facilities putting the 12,500 youth they serve at even greater risk. They quickly realized the tremendous impact the Club closures would have on their members and the community. Although their Clubs were physically closed, they still found ways to effectively serve their members and families the best way they could.

Their dedicated staff worked diligently to ensure the needs of their members and their families were being met through these trying times. One of the ways they did this was by creating a new program, serving Grab-and-Go snacks and meals to them and their families. 

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus quarantine, with help from organizations like the Leo Goodwin Foundation, the non-profit has been offering Grab-and-Go snacks and meals for Club members ages 6 to 18. With the uncertainty of getting a healthy meal continuing to be a concern, the organization has been distributing packaged healthy snacks as well as lunch/dinner meals since March 16th

“With over 123,000 healthy snacks and meals being served, we’re just getting started,” said Alan Goldberg, President and Trustee of the Leo Goodwin Foundation. “The Leo Goodwin Foundation is committed to helping ensure that the youth in our community have the food they need 6 days a week during the pandemic,” he continued. The Grab-and-Go program benefits all Club members in order to help curb the impact from Club closures. 

In addition, the Boys & Girls Clubs implemented virtual programming so their members would continue to receive support. They continued to provide virtual learning and activities for all of their Club members who remained quarantined at home. They started off the school year following the same format as Broward County schools by offering virtual learning for all students. They have since changed their hours to reflect their virtual school schedule and offer kids a safe place to do their work. 

Now, with many parents across the community concerned about how they will manage working and not being able to leave their children at home alone or helping their children who are learning from home in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the BGCBC have stepped in to help in a tremendous way. They will be open during the day so that kids have a safe place to go to do their e-learning while their parents are at work.

Also, Clubs will offer and provide programming to kids after their school day ends so children continue to receive the instruction and support they need for their continued emotional, social and academic development. Clubs will be open from 7:30 am – 4:30 pm and will provide Internet access, daily healthy snacks and meals along with supervision and mentorship by trained BGCBC staff to children ages 6-18. The pandemic forced them to manage their daily operation and created a new way to give back to the community in critical times.  

To learn more and help support the Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County and their tireless efforts to help the youth in our community, donate today. Visit


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