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The Leo Goodwin Foundation Contributes $250,000 Toward Henderson Behavioral Health’s New Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)

The Leo Goodwin Foundation has made a generous $250,000 donation toward a new state-of-the-art Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) that Henderson Behavioral Health (HBH) will open next year.  The last building that Henderson constructed was in 1993 – the New Vistas Adult Outpatient and Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Youth and Family Services Outpatient and Clinical Services which bears the Leo Goodwin Foundation name as they spearheaded a successful $500,000 challenge grant initiative in 2008.

“We are grateful to The Leo Goodwin Foundation and Trustees Elliot Borkson and Alan Goldberg for supporting Henderson in the past and now with this incredibly generous gift.  Both Elliot and Alan recognize how important this new facility is for our community,” said Dr. Steve Ronik, Henderson CEO.

When an individual experiences a psychiatric or mental health crisis, a Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) provides short-term, intensive treatment and stabilization for individuals in an inpatient setting – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  A crisis can occur any hour of the day to anyone and while mental illness is not a choice, it can be treated.  Many individuals who experience a mental health crisis may be taken to a hospital emergency room or to jail without being properly diagnosed or assessed.

“The Leo Goodwin Foundation is delighted and honored to make this important contribution to Henderson Behavioral Health’s growth”, said Alan Goldberg, President of the Leo Goodwin Foundation. The Foundation is privileged to support Henderson’s Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) and help provide the necessary resources they need to continue to grow the number of people they touch and expand their services to those in need. “The hard work and commitment of all those at Henderson Behavioral Health are critical to our community and make a tremendous impact every day,” said Elliot Borkson, Vice President of the Leo Goodwin Foundation.

For more information about Henderson Behavioral Health, please call Suzanne Higgins at 954-777-1624 or [email protected]

About the Leo Goodwin Foundation.  The Leo Goodwin Foundation, a charitable foundation based in Broward County, was established by Leo Goodwin Sr. and Jr. It was the Goodwin family that founded GEICO Insurance Company. The mission of the Foundation is to improve the lives of all of those who live in the community. The Leo Goodwin Foundation has also sought to tackle some of the more immediate problems facing the community, including mental health issues, with a major grant to Henderson Behavioral Health. It is the hope of the Foundation that its efforts will benefit the community as a whole and that their positioning line, “By Doing Good, We All Win”, is fulfilled. To learn more about the Leo Goodwin Foundation, please visit www.leogoodwinfoundation.orgor call 954.772.6863.


About Henderson Behavioral Health.Henderson Behavioral Health is the oldest and largest, community-based not-for-profit behavioral healthcare system in South Florida.  Since 1953 Henderson has helped hundreds of thousands of children, adults and families.  Henderson Behavioral Health’s mission is to serve as the premier provider of accessible, cost effective, and quality behavioral healthcare services to the people of South Florida in order to promote their mental health and well-being.  Last year Henderson helped over 22,000 individuals, 8,000 of whom are children, providing 600,000 services at 20 locations in South Florida.   Henderson maintains the highest level of CARF (Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accreditation, and has done so, continuously for twenty years.  Visit Henderson at


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